A Hawaiian woman would kick your a$$!

That is typically not the first line you want to say on a first date, but yet, he did. He sat right down, looked at me and said “a Hawaiian woman would kick your ass”.  Where did this come from? Have I been sitting in a NYC cafe unknowingly offending  Hawaiian’s? Maybe it’s my skirt? It’s floral and tropical but I didn’t think it was offensive. Did he have a Hawaiian woman in his backpack that wanted to kill me? So I very puzzledly said “What? Oh and hi, by the way….” He said, in a nasty tone that continued to get louder as he spoke… “Well, in your profile you said your favorite vacation spot was Hawaii, but I lived there, studied their culture, became a part of them! You think it’s all Hula girls and Luau’s, well honey it’s not! On the farms, in the villages there are women who would kick your ass in a bar fight!……” And he continued to ramble on about how mean they can be and how I would get my ass kicked in a bar fight. So once I realized that I hadn’t personally offended the Hawaiian’s and I was clearly not interested in this guy, I interrupted his rant and let him know I needed to leave to catch my bus home. He yelled “But we’re not done here! Who do you think you are?” “We are done, and I’m going now” and I left… He was still yelling.


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