Bathroom Talk

Last summer my friend’s got this text “someone needs to send a memo to all guys that bathroom talk at the table is not acceptable! Especially on a date and even more so on a 1st date!”

I was meeting a guy for drinks, we picked a place and decided that we’d meet outside. I was standing there and could swear I saw him run past me and into the bar. But maybe it wasn’t him he was kind of a blur and seemed in a hurry and I’m a few min early so I just waited. 10 minutes later he came out of the bar and said “sorry, I had to go to the bathroom”. A bit of TMI but ok, and we went inside, sat down and he started to tell me, in detail, how he wasn’t feeling well and everything was “going right through him” I interrupted and let him know it was information I didn’t need and would he like to reschedule. He said no, I should order what I want, but as long a he didn’t eat or drink he should be ok. And then started to go back to discussing his intestinal issue. I interrupted again and said we needed to change the topic, he told me about his kids and how he doesn’t date much because he just likes to hang out at home, work and see his kids, but his friends and family told him he needed to date. Then noises started happening and he ran to the restroom, came back and again started to share but as soon as he said “boy that was bad, I …” I put my hand up and said “stop, you need to go home and I need to go.” He asked why and I said “you’re not feeling well and i can’t listen to anymore bathroom talk”


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