The Trifecta

Single, Jewish, works in finance – harder to find in NY than one would think! Now, if there’s a spark between us it will be what I like to call, the Jewish Jackpot! (Don’t worry I’m Jewish I can say that). But much like my luck at scratch-off games, there was no jackpot here either.

My friend had insisted I meet her best friend since childhood. She said he was fun and funny, one of her closest friends and we’d be perfect together. And who better to set you up than your friends. The 3 of us met for lunch. We had a nice conversation but I noticed that she had to start them for him to join in, but every time she left the table or didn’t start the conversation, he’d stop talking. I didn’t worry too much, maybe he’s shy. After lunch we went for a walk to the green market, when all of a sudden she had to go and left us to get to know each other. He was very gentlemanly and held my bags as I shopped while we walked and talked – sorta. He didn’t talk much, but I learned that he didn’t like to read, rarely listens to music, only likes old war movies, he used to travel but doesn’t like to anymore because of the long lines and hates theater. It wasn’t going well at all. I could find anything to talk about – I even tried using the items in the market to see if I could get him to talk about anything, Zucchini, peppers, something – anything! But it wasn’t happening. Not even when I asked what he did (I never know what “in finance” means – there are so many different things people can do in that world) but his answer was “I don’t like to talk about work when I’m not there.” OK, I’m out of ideas. So I waited to see if he would say anything…. we walked for 3 blocks in silence. Then we were at my bus home and we parted ways. My friend called me an hour later dying to know how it went. I could tell by the excitement in her voice she was expecting good news. My answer was, “It was good to see you, you’re right – the grilled cheese there was amazing and I got the best smelling lavender at the market.” To this day she still insists we’d make a great couple. Maybe… if the next time he’s on the trading floor he invests in a personality, until then, bad investment.




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