Stomach Flu

I’d just gotten over the stomach flu, hadn’t eaten solid food in 3 days and was just starting to tolerate tea and ginger ale… So there was no way I was canceling my date, I mean this is optimum look your skinniest time! I can’t give that up! And we’re just going for coffee, so I’ll be fine. It was our first date and we were meeting by Grand Central Station. We started walking and having a nice time talking. We talked about movies, architecture, music, travel, it was nice and I didn’t even mind that we had been walking for quite a while just to get coffee. Then we stopped in front of a nice Chinese restaurant and he said, with a big proud smile, “Hope you don’t mind I made dinner reservations instead of coffee”. CRUD! I can’t have food! Ok, no problem, I’ll just have rice, rice is good and they have tea, so I’m good.

We get to the table and he listed all of his favorite dishes and asked if I wanted to share anything. UG! So nice but I can’t… So I told him that since I didn’t think we were having dinner, I had a late lunch and not very hungry, so I was just going to have some rice and tea. He understood, I felt like a jerk.

All of a sudden I feel sick, apparently food smells were still a trigger. I thought I was going to be sick so I excused myself and went to the ladies room. When I got back to the table he told me that he ordered rice and steamed veggies for me since rice wasn’t a meal. UG… this is not good, I don’t want to tell him I feel sick, because I don’t like when people do that to me – plus I’m having a nice time, I’ll eat as much as I can.
Still chatting, he told me all about his job and how he might be getting fired, that his fiancé. broke up with him and since he hates being single he immediately went on line and I was the first person that he contacted and met. And how happy he was that I was so nice and normal because he had heard horror stories. Oy…

The food came & I couldn’t even take the smell, I was feeling so sick I could barely concentrate. I needed to figure out how I was going to fake this and make it look like I was eating, so I did what little kids do when they don’t want their food… I kept playing with my food on moving it around on my plate and would take a fork full, pretend to chew and then spit it into my napkin, which was not helping my nausea at all, but it was my only option… till I started running out of napkin space to hide it in, so I put it under my plate, eventually I just said I was full.

Finally we got the check and walked back to the train. He said that he had a really nice time and really helped him because now he knows if he doesn’t get back together with his fiancé he has me. I told him that we should start as friends while he worked all this out. Jumped into a cab and headed home – back to my couch and tea for the next 2 days.


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