Random dating tip

Keep your stories/ people straight. We know we are contacting/dating many people but  not being able to remember details or conversations is a total turn off. Last night a guy contacted me online and our first 2 emails were the usual pleasantries. Then he said “so how long are your friends in from Costa Rica for?” I never said I had friends in town, I didn’t say anything more than the basics.  So I said “I don’t have friends in Costa Rica, do you?” His answer was “I was hoping you had friends I town from there so I could hide in their suitcase, I need a vacation, do you think I got you confused with someone else?” Obviously he did and I gave him an out, the fact that he got defensive and just didn’t roll with it was a total turnoff. Another option keep a notebook with you when online dating and take notes of who you said what to lol


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