I Would Love to Curl Your Hair!

For some that might sound like a pick up line and to some maybe even a bit erotic. But when you meet for the first time at a restaurant, his face lights up, he starts clapping and jumping up and down saying that like a giddy school girl, chances are you’ve just found your new shopping buddy, not your new boyfriend.

We sat down and he told me about all the hair videos he likes to watch on YouTube. That he had all different types of rollers and curling irons, and can do updo’s now. “Cool, are you a stylist?” I remember his profile saying publishing but maybe it’s a career change. “No I just love it! I got divorced last year, moved and found a whole new life and hobby” (he might mean hubby).

All of a sudden I hear a loud scream “Aaaaaahhhhh OMG!! look at those wedges! I looooove wedges! And what color is that it’s like a light bronze! I love women’s shoes! Sometimes I try them on” all I could think of was in the “sex and the city movie” when Carrie is looking for an assistant and the guy is wearing heels, so of course I had to look down and check…. sneakers, phew!

He was fun so I stayed for my drink and we chatted. He works at a paper plant, he’s not a big sports fan, and the guys at work all talk about sports so he made a bet with them, they “bet” on which team will win and the loser has to twerk for the other, so he taught them all how to twerk. “I love watching them it’s so much fun and now I actually pay attention to sports… Can’t wait till I have to twerk for them!”

After 2 drinks we left. He was fun, but I never curl my hair or do updo’s so it would never work.


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