Having dinner and people watching, on one side of me is an online first date, trying to figure out if she has “date voice” (you know the voice the high-pitched annoying, fake perky voice that sounds like you care but you don’t) or has checked out after 30 seconds I’m thinking checked out since she just said “ummmm let’s have a drink and then see if we feel like getting a table”

On the other side is 2 guys and a woman, I’m going to say late 50s. The woman is married to one guy the other seems to be visiting, she is trying not to be the 3rd wheel and interjecting comments and stories, guys are faking interest….They have candy… They aren’t sharing any if it with me… I’m going back to observing the other couple…. 🙂

yup… She had checked out… they offered her a table she said “not yet” and after their drinks were done… She got an emergency call. Lol…..

Replaced by a guy who couldn’t understand why he couldn’t get beer at a wine bar lol


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