You only have one chance to make a fist impression

If there is one thing we learn as children that we should always remember is that we only have one chance to make a first impression. This is true in school, with friends, on an interview and dating.

Dating is very much like an interview, there is an open position for significant other and we are in the application process. Selling our selves, to get to the next step (date) to decide if we in fact want to take the job. If you’re not making an effort now when?

Here are some things to consider when going on a first date:

Just like we wouldn’t go on an interview in sweats and a stained t-shirt, showing up on a date that way isn’t acceptable either.

This is something I have seen on a constant basis. If you’re trying to “win me over” and make your best impression GET DRESSED! I’m not expecting a suit but a t-shirt and jeans, sweats, hoodies or stained anything is a big fat no! Jeans and a button down, a sweater, t-shirt and a blazer even. Even if we are just meeting for coffee, make an effort!

Ladies, it is not “girls night out” if you understand what I mean. Also clothes that are so tight you look like the seams are going to break, not pretty. If you are just looking for a hookup fine then maybe that’s what you want to wear but coffee, drinks or dinner – probably not. A nice top, jeans, a cute skirt or a fun dress. Wear an outfit appropriate for the place and remember the imagination is more powerful.

Do your homework
Just like you review company info before you walk into the room, take a quick glance at my profile, a text exchange, recall a conversation we had. We know we are all dating and meeting different people but confusing the info shows me you don’t care and are a cereal dater.

Is rude, not to mention, a TOTAL TURN OFF! If you can’t complete a sentence without saying the f word, read a book, buy Rosetta Stone and relearn English or go back to the 4th grade. Whatever it takes, just speak properly.

Conversation topics
I do not want to hear about
Your problems
Your ex
Your divorce
Your bodily functions

I want to learn about you, what you like, what you do for fun, your interests.

Ok I’m off my soap box for now…. Hope this was helpful!


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