Missed the Target

Last week I was chatting with a guy online. He asked if I’d like to meet for coffee, he’d come to my neighborhood.

It was really sweet, but my neighborhood is the only place in the world that doesn’t have a cafe/coffee place. In a 2-3 mile radius we have at least 4 grab and go Dunkin Donuts, and like 20 deli/convient stores. But no place to sit and have a cup of coffee. And not for lack of trying. 2 opened and closed within a year. I guess only tea drinkers live here. Lol.

So I said I’d like to meet but there were only grab and go places, but we could go to any of the restaurants and have coffee or a drink. 

Guy: “no Starbucks?”

Me: “only a grab and go in the Target”

Guy: “maybe we could get something there and walk around?”

Me: “around Target?”

Guy: “oh is that bad?”

REAALYY!? Now let me be clear. I love Target. They know me there. The baristas get my drink ready when they see me in line. If I’m not there 4 times a week, get well cards get sent to the house (ok, not really but you get my point – I’m there a lot – and it would be nice if they checked in to see how I was doing). And I did have to make a Target run. But it’s not a place I’d go on a date! 

Knowing that my friend Ava would appreciate it, I took a screenshot and sent her the conversation.

Ava: laughing hysterically “are you going to go?”

Me: “only if I get to push the cart” 

Me: “And is he going to pay for my stuff? If we went to a restaurant he’d pay for dinner. So if we are at Target he should pay for the toothpaste and iced tea. Of course I’d have to add things like depends and foot fungal cream, just cause it’s funny.” 

Ava: “I think you should!” 

In the meantime he messaged me and said maybe I was right, a restaurant would be better. And we set the time and place. He was nice, but he hasn’t seen any movies, gone to a sporting event, concert or theater since his last girlfriend – 2 years ago. His friends are married, their wives don’t like him (red flag!). So he works, goes to the gym, for a few drinks and home (more red flags).

When our coffee was done we left. It was too late to do the rest of my errands. Missed the Target… on all fronts. 


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