How this all got started…..

So for many years now my friends have been begging me to share my dating stories. After many years of procrastination I’ve decided to sit down & put pen to paper – or should I say fingers to keyboard lol.

All of my stories are true, nothing has been exaggerated. All the names have been changed (most I’ve just plain old forgotten). I’m not a dating expert, I offer nothing more than entertainment, lessons learned & for my fellow singles to prove that you’re not the only one suffering & for those that are married… this is what you’re missing lol.

In an episode of “Sex and the City” Carrie Bradshaw said her oddest date was with Alexander Protovsky, dinner at 1 am, followed by seeing an art exhibit. Well, I should be so lucky! For me, that would be heavenly, as for my oddest… well, it’s kind of hard to tell, I’ll let you decide, to me they’re all just a waste of good lip gloss…..

About me

I’m a 40-something that works and lives in NY. I’m funny, sarcastic, a bit of a sap, and I firmly believe you can never have too much music, too many shoes or too much jewelry :).


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