My dating rules

I have a few dating “rules” that I make sure to follow:

  • Only meet in a place you know and are comfortable with. Don’t go someplace you’ve never been to meet a stranger. (I never meet more than 5 blocks in any direction from the bus home).
  • Always arrive early – make friends with the bartender/waiter and have a “check please/ help me get out” code word
  • Always have 2 friends calling to get you out if you need to
  • Always meet in a public place
  • Have 2 friends know where you are going, their name, how you met them, and screen name
  • If you go to the restroom do not drink anything you left at the table or bar.
  • I must know your last name before we meet
  • No phone number until we’ve met in person
  • No meeting or dropping off at my place
  • Never get into a car with someone I just met
  • No drinking and driving (the beauty of city life is I’m always using public transportation so that’s not an issue)

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