People, Places and Things

Here are some of my favorite businesses, shops and people. Check them out! (check here often, I’m always finding something new ūüôā )

Health and Fitness

If you are looking for an amazing trainer, yoga or Pilates instructor or nutritionist, or if you are a trainer or nutritionist and looking for a great place to work) try

Barefoot Tiger  (

I love them! My FAVORITE day of my week, time with my trainer! they keep me healthy, work with my Doctors when I break myself and I actually LOVE to exercise now.. even enjoying running (sort of!)

and don’t forget your inner/spiritual self! Here are some fabulous ladies to keep you on the right path. Their positive energy is amazing and have had to opportunity¬†to meet/work with chat with all of them.

Teresa Benoit Rave

Barbara Biziou –¬†

Melisa Caprio – check out her amazing project


Customforless РAWESOME! and made me my awesome mug!

Token Tags – ¬†My FAVORITE place to shop! LOVE it! she’s so creative and her jewelry is amazing, and check out her Angle with an Edge project!¬† ¬† ¬†

Food and Drinks

Redhead wine –¬†lol so let’s be honest, I was completely biased based on the name, but then I actually found out about this wine and the awesome young lady would started this while in college! Yaa her! Following her dreams! And making wine! And VERY GOOD AND YUMMY wine check her/it out ¬† ¬†

Things to Read

Digital Romance –¬†

Singles Warehouse –¬†

Cara Alwill ¬†Leyba – I’ve worked with her, she’s wonderful and LOVE her books¬†

George Reagan –¬†¬†‚ÄúMasterdate: the handy guide to internet dating for guys‚ÄĚ ( and the e-book is only 99 cents!




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