To sum it all up

Hello everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I promise to get better at it. But I thought I’d sum up my last two weeks in dating world.

Last weekend in a matter of 24 hours I was contacted (on a dating site) by an agoraphobic, who hasn’t left his house in 10 years, and a federal prisoner with glaucoma.

Considering that I guess tonight’s date wasn’t so bad. He just made snorty sounds like he was trying to blow snot out and fell asleep at the table while he was talking (guess I wasn’t the only one bored). But at least I got dinner so not a total waste of good lip gloss!


Date safely

I read this today and felt the need to share.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to date smart and safely. Stranger danger isn’t just for kids.

LADIES…. Never go someplace you don’t know, to meet someone you’ve never met before. And if he won’t come to you, meet where you feel comfortable, he’s not worth it.

GUYS… Real men meet where it is closer and safer for a woman, chivalry  isn’t dead.

For more on dating safely see my rules for dating.